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About Accyber

We are a leading institution in the fields of financial
management, investment, taxation and legal accounting. We specialize in providing financial and investment
advisory services in accordance with the best international principles and standards and according to legal

We have many years of experience in accounting, financial management and
evaluation of investment opportunities. We are able to help you as an investor, entrepreneur or company
owner in developing your business and increasing your profits, and our professional financial experts are
ready to provide you with advice and advice at any time.

about accyber

What do we offer our clients?

Reducing costs.

Build confidence in your business.

Organize and arrange your financial affairs.

Facilitate your financial management.

Seize investment opportunities.

Develop your financial and investment awareness.

Helping you make sound decisions.

Provide you with accurate and clear data, reports and numbers.

Our Team

Mr. Ghazi Al Mahaini

CMA-CFM Executive Director

Certified Financial Director and Chief Accountant from the American Society of
Management Accountants – New Jersey.
Certified Lecturer of the American CMA Certificate.
More than 19 years of experience in accounting and financial management.
He worked as a consultant for several international oil companies.

ghazi almahayni
accyber team


Financial Manager

Experience in accounting, financial management, preparing financial reports, auditing, feasibility studies, financial evaluation, and financial planning financial Manager at ACCYBER.

about accyber

Mr. Onur Ölmez

Legal advisor

Expert in international investment and corporate law.
Specialist in the laws of foreigners in Turkey, and the Turkish citizenship by investment.
Over 15 years of legal consultation experience.
Adviser to several major local and global companies in Turkey.

Kinan Almahayni

Market Research Analyst

MBA in General Management
Marketing and project management expert, here to help you succeed.

kinan almahayni

Our goal

Make the expertise of large companies worth billions of dollars available to small
and medium-sized companies.

Accyber is also certified by the Financial Valuation Organization
Global as its representative in Türkiye as the first internationally accredited company
To provide financial Valuation services for companies

There is no doubt that accounting and financial file management is one of the most
important tasks that any company relies on, but it may be a difficult task due to its need to focus heavily
and be familiar with many and accurate details and keep abreast of the developments of the laws related to
it always, and this is what we do well within our various services we deliberately accuracy and attention to
small details Through our wide team of experts in accounting and financial management, all of whom are of a
high level of professionalism, knowledge and professionalism.

The help of experts and professionals …

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