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Economic feasibility studies

A sound decision cannot be taken without a correct vision. This is exactly what the economic feasibility studies do. Their goal is to rationalize new investment decisions, evaluate emerging projects and make a comparison between available alternatives, on technical and financial grounds and in light of specific data, such as project location, operating costs, operating capacities and revenues. The type of technology used, the labor employed, and other determinants.

What we’re doing is we’re doing these studies in an extensive manner; To give you a correct and realistic idea, and we offer our advice on whether to do the proposed project or not, and what are its limitations and caveats. Any project must have an economic feasibility study on correct, accurate and appropriate grounds. Therefore, our specialized team provides the service of economic feasibility studies within the best modern scientific standards.

Economic feasibility studies:

  •  Market study
       Where we describe the service, the product, the geographical scope of the product launch, the size of the demand, the size of the current supply and the target market
    share,      as well as the marketing policy in addition to the pricing and distribution policies.

  •  The technical study
       We define the steps and mechanism of preparing the product, equipment and supplies needed for production or service, raw materials and materials, production and                 operation supplies, work site, required buildings, work team and office supplies, marketing expenses and general administrative expenses.

  •  Financial study

  • Project costs, production costs, sales, profit and loss statement, cash flows, volume of capital required, capital structure, financial analysis, return on investment, and payback period of capital.

  • Establish company protocol and manage the relationship with shareholders.

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